Kalamazoo Social Media Consultants


A growing factor in businesses marketing plan is social media marketing. While Facebook and Twitter may seem like some executives to be leisure time activities, or kids stuff, others understand what these social media sites can do to help to brand and grow their business.

As a Social Media Consulting Firm, Blue Fire Media Group can help your business to increase your presence on the Web through developing and implementing a social media marketing strategy. The world is becoming more connected and consumers are becoming your best sales force. Social media management engages with the consumers and helps them to become your biggest fans.

For social media websites like Twitter, there is more to it than just signing up and directly marketing. As social media consultants, we can coach you on how to best brand your company while engaging your followers and converting them into fans. We can also create a custom background image that is congruent with your website or other marketing efforts.

For a business or a brand on Facebook, we can help you to create a fan page. This is different than the regular Facebook page you may have or that you see your teenagers spending their time on. We use our experience in social media marketing to help to create a fan page that too is congruent with your other Web or marketing efforts.

Your Facebook fan page will also be a place to engage your fans and to increase your brand awareness. Fans can start discussions, post pictures, videos, and give testimonials. We can also set up your account so that when you update your Facebook status, your Twitter status is also automatically updated. This can be a real time saver and it can double the audience of each post.

We view our role as a Social Media consulting team to be more than just setting up your accounts and having them over. We will coach you on practices of the importance of aligning with your customers, its important to keep in mind how they think when it comes to social media. Embracing social media is a big step in permission based marketing. This means that consumers are actually inviting you in, the world of marketing has changed as a result of permission based marketing.

If you are still hesitant about the importance of social media, keep in mind that the conversations are already happening online. It's your decision on whether or not to make an appointment with a social media marketing firm like Blue Fire Media Group to better learn how you can take part in the conversations.

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