Domain Name Registration Basic Terminology

Domain Registration

This post is on the technical side. You may not need to know what these terms mean unless you are managing or transferring a domain. However, understanding the meaning of these terms can come in handy in the event that it is time to purchase, update or transfer a domain.

Domain Names - Your domain name is how the world can find the information you want to share with everyone on this planet. Without a domain name, the code, data and images that are your website will be meaningless, yet despite the inability to be found, still running without purpose across the 'net.

What is it: Properly known as a Domain Name Service, it is like a mini database containing important information about your domain name, most importantly what DNS servers are the authority for it, what mail server is the correct provider of service, as well as any other records that may need to be created. Some of these are: Sender Policy Framework (SPF) records that state which servers) can send mail on behalf of your domain; A records which point a name to an IP address (like a postal address for your home or business ) so browsers or mail can flow to the correct location; CNAME records, kind of like a forwarder to another server, the most  popular of which today is that should point to

Managed DNS - We are happy to manage your DNS for you. If you are uncomfortable with updating the records, you can point your domain to our servers or, as some customers have done, have us transfer your domain to our registrar and just add it to your bill.

Moving - Registrar Transfer - Decided enough, already? You can't remember to update the CC information and almost lost control of your zone? Let us help you by taking care of that for you. Simply let us know you would like us to start a transfer process and in as little as 7 days it can be done. Of course this is provided the emails with the special codes required are returned to us promptly so we can enter them into the system and complete the process.

Registration / Renewal - New domains: We are always happy to register new domains on your behalf and include the cost with the costs of your hosting. Domains are billed on an annual basis, and renewed annually. Existing domains are renewed once a year and if the payment is not made the domains can go back out to the world for someone else to pick up. The practice of domain squatting is unfortunately common, so great care needs to be made to ensure your domain is renewed in a timely fashion.

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