Email Setup – Desktop and Laptop For Windows and Apple OSX 10

Email Setup

Need help setting up your email account on your computer?  As it turns out, it's really not that difficult if you take it one step at a time.  We've put together a few guides to help walk you through setting up your email account on both a Windows PC using Microsoft Live Mail or Microsoft Outlook, as well as setting it up on a Mac running OSX 10 for its Mail program.

To get started, you need the following information:

  • POP / IMAP connection type: We recommend using a POP connection type, but IMAP is supported
  • Email Address: example:
  • Password Assigned: example: PassW0rd!   (Your password IS CaSeSeNsItIvE!)
  • Incoming Mail Server(POP):  (replace with your own domain)
  • Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):  (It will be the same as the Incoming Server)
  • Outgoing Mail Server Requires Authentication?  YES our servers require authentication to send mail
  • Incoming Mail Server PORT Number: 110  (this is the Standard incoming Server Port Number)
  • Outgoing Mail Server PORT Number: 2525  (This number you will normally have to change during setup)

Once you have this information, it's always a good idea before you get started to test your username and password by logging in through your website's Webmail client. It can save you from a good deal of frustration later on. To do this, open up an Internet browser and go to your webpage we created for you.

Address Bar

In the Address bar, and at the end of your domain name add "/webmail"  and press enter.

In the Address bar at the end of your domain name add "/webmail" and press enter.

When the webmail login page opens, enter your email address and password we gave you and click "Log In."

If you get an error on the screen saying the Login is invalid:

Login is invalid

... double check that you are typing your password as CaSeSeNsItIvE and try again. You should see the following logged-in screen.


Once you reach this page, you know your email address is active and your password is valid. I'll cover the Webmail interface in more detail in a future newsletter.  For now, go ahead and close that browser window.

Now select one of the following guides that matches your email program. Each PDF file provides step-by-step instructions to walk you through setting up your email:

Windows Live Mail  (Comes pre-installed on all Windows 7 computers by default and is Free)

Microsoft Outlook 2003

Microsoft Outlook 2007

Microsoft Outlook 2010

Mac OSX 10 Mail

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