We Monitor the Uptime of Your Website 24/7

Website Monitoring

What happens when your website goes down, but you don't know about it until about a week later?  You think everything's fine until a regular customer runs into you on the street and tells you:  "Hey, I tried to order a part from your website last week, but the site was down. I had to order from someone else."

Think about a week's loss of online business, of potential customers who tried to go to your site during that week to see if you were right for jobs they had to contract but went elsewhere instead, of the image about your business projected when someone looking you up gets the insidious error message, "Site not found." It's like a customer went to a brick & mortar store during regular business hours and found it inexplicably closed, dark. The customer might wonder, "Out of business?"

For that week online, you were. What would that cost you?

We even know of one business owner who didn't realize his site went down for a moth because his domain expired. By the time he tried to get his domain name back, it was too late.

We won't let that happen to you.

After your website goes live, we monitor your site continuously, night and day, to make sure it doesn't go down unexpectedly.  How do we do this? We use software that mimics a person sitting at a computer who's trying to browse your website.  Every five minutes our software sends a request to "see" your website's homepage.  The software gets the information back from the Internet provider's server and we look through that returned information to verify it's not an Error Page.

We specifically are looking for the string of text at the bottom of your website page (the copyright line) and verify it's identical to the way it was when we took your website live. If it's not identical, it will trigger an alert to us.  This identifies a few different types of problems that could have occurred.

  1. If your Domain name registration expires, we won't get an error page. However the string of text we are looking for also won't be there.  So we know your website does not look the way it's supposed to.
  2. If your website is truly broken we may see part of the page but the break will be before the text we are looking for.
  3. If for some reason the Internet responds with nothing  (an Error Page)   it will also trigger the alert.

Since it's the bottom of the page we look at, we know that all the information above that spot on the page has loaded correctly.  Anything other than this means we want to look at your website ourselves and see what's going on.

So when our software checks every 5 minutes, it keeps a log of the results

If your website fails the test, we get an email sent directly to us.  And if it fails multiple times in a row we will get alerts that go to our cell phones.  So we are watching your websites 24 hours a day!

Now it's not just your website we keep tabs on. We also monitor all the servers themselves that host your website.  So if the website server starts to have problems, we are alerted for that situation as well.

Our monitoring software does not reside on the same server or from the same location that your websites are located.  This gives us the best chance of seeing and monitoring your website just like we were a customer of yours visiting your site.

But why can't I see our website at work but I can from home?  Usually when this happens, it has nothing to do with your actual website.  Problems like this can occur when your workplace for some reason is blocking the IP address your website is hosted at.  Typically this is not a human doing it but automated software that blocked the website for some reason.  This can also happen when our automated security software detected bad behavior from your workplace's IP address and it locked your workplace out of the website.  We will cover more details around the security software in a separate article.

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