Help, I can’t view my website!

Webpage Cannot Be Found

Maybe it's part of your routine when you sit down to your computer in the morning or during a lunch break to check in on your website.  What definitely is not routine is to discover your website is not there. You try to connect, but your website doesn't come up.

First thing, don't panic. Take a deep breath. Your website is probably still there. You just need to find out why you're not viewing it.

For those of a technical mind, here are a couple quick troubleshooting things to try:

  1. Press the Windows (start) + R keys at the same time. In the little box that pops up, type: cmd, then the enter key
  2. In the little command window that pops up type: nslookup As long as you see addresses returned then try the next test. ( your computer can resolve names )
  3. In the same command window type: ping As long as you see 4 replies from one of the addresses listed in the nslookup then you are looking good. ( your computer can get to internet )
  4. In the same command window type: tracert (where yourdomain is your domain name and .com is the correct extension). This test should end with a single address being returned. If it does not, or if it seems to stall out before reaching your domain. You can try an nslookup to see if the final IP address listed in the tracert is the same. If so you can make it to the server and there may be another issue in play here. You need to call your local IT support to take a look at your computer.

All of that sounds too technical? Yeah, we understand. If you like, you can just go to the step below and we will take a peek at what we can.

If the tracert test shows no single IP returned but instead stops at something saying "liquidweb," sounds like maybe you have been blocked in our firewall or have had several unsuccessful attempts to login. Please contact our support at 269-492-1000. We will need your IP address to check things on our end, which you may obtain by visiting: . With your Internet Protocol (IP), we can quickly check through our servers firewall and see if indeed you're being blocked from access. If so we will gladly remove the block.

Recently we have been seeing an increase in the number of clients who were getting blocked, so we have relaxed the rules set.

If you experience this, there are a few precautions that you will need to take on your end. Please be sure that your antivirus/antimalware software is up to date and your system is scanning clean. A few of our customers have had either a system or even the router on their site compromised. The port scans were being committed by someone seeking to find out what else they may be able to control. If you do not have IT staff onsite, please call your local support team and have them take a look around your network and at the perimeter equipment. While we love to help, it is simply beyond our capabilities to be familiar with the configurations of all our customers' networks.

While we can remove the block, we take the security of our servers seriously, and for your sake and everyone else on the server, we do not make a practice of whitelisting customers IP's.

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