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Canva: Design made easy

Creating professional looking graphics for your website or social media can be challenging and time consuming. When your business doesn't have an in-house graphic designer, the responsibility of creating content that stands out and promotes your business is taken care of by somebody that may not have the experience or expertise to use design software like InDesign or Photoshop. Thankfully there is Canva, free solution to this problem. Canva is a new graphic image design website that is free to join and extremely easy to use.

Canva offers a variety of tools that can help your business design great looking graphics. Canva's Head of Communications, Zach Kitschke said, "Some of our biggest users are small business owners, social media marketers and bloggers. Lots of people are using Canva to create their marketing materials." One of the greatest features of Canva is their selection of stock designs that allow you customize them as much, or as little as you want. If you're creating a promotional image for any of your social media platforms, Canva has the dimensions all ready for you to use. They even have the dimensions set up for Facebook cover photos.

Getting people to notice a promotion your business is currently running is directly related to how eye-catching the graphic is. If developing a creative design is something you struggle with, there are tools available so you can learn how to create designs that demand attention from your readers. If creating your own images and graphic call outs sounds intimidating, rest assured that Canva does everything they can to make sure you are able to create the best designs possible. Currently, they provide 10 tutorials that cover design basics including how to use different color combinations, tips to make your font standout, and layout design.

You can use Canva to develop an unlimited amount of marketing materials for your business. This includes social media graphics, posters, Facebook cover photos, documents, invitations, and even business cards. Kitschke said, "We've found that the most popular design types on Canva are social media posts, Facebook covers and presentations. Particularly with the growth of visual social media, people are excited to be able to easily create social media posts and graphics that stand out and reflect their company's brand."

While the majority of Canva's services are free, they do provide a selection of premium images that you can purchase for $1.00 each. The premium images are convenient but are not necessary to make an outstanding design. You also have the ability to upload your own photos for each of your designs which almost makes the need for premium images obsolete.

Canva recently unveiled photo filters to customize your images to achieve your desired look. You can choose from the ten different standard filters or experiment with the settings of the picture to create your own filter. Each filter you use is given a code number that allows you to save and reuse the filter you've created without having to recreate it the next time you want to use it. "In addition to a number of pre-set filters, we've also added a new feature which allows you to create your own filter code. We believe that just like color codes have become the norm in branding for companies, we'll soon see every brand have their own filter code which brings a consistent look to their images," Kitschke noted.

Another benefit of using Canva is their customer service. Their support team is quick to respond to any questions or problems you may have in the design process.

So if you have been struggling with creating graphic call outs or custom images for your social media, Canva may be the right solution for you. This free tool is easy to use and allows you to creat attractive, professional graphics that your website viewers and social media fans will love.

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