Primers for LinkedIn

LinkedIn Primer

LinkedIn has become the #1 social network for business professionals. It's ideal for helping individuals network to find work, improve productivity and share experiences of what works and what doesn't. Businesses can leverage LinkedIn for improved your sales numbers, and to help improve their online marketing presence.

Below is a list of curated content that acts as an excellent primer on getting the most out of your LinkedIn experience.

  • LinkedIn Means Business - LinkedIn is currently beginning the process of changing from recruiting tool to a publishing platform for user created articles. This article talks about this new trend, as well as other positive reasons businesses are turning to LinkedIn for more than a hiring tool.
  • 5 Tips for Maximizing LinkedIn for Your Business - Using LinkedIn allows your business to identify potential customers and generate new leads. This article provides some of the top tips your business should be following and the benefits of the tips they have provided.
  • How to Effectively Use LinkedIn For Business - Consider this fact, the average LinkedIn user has an annual income of over $100,000. This means your business is able to reach a demographic that is more likely to have expendable income.
  • 8 LinkedIn Tools for Business - Like other social media platforms, there are tools to manage LinkedIn for businesses outside of the tools that LinkedIn provides. These are 8 of the top tools that your business can use to manage your LinkedIn page.
  • Ten Tips for using LinkedIn for sales prospecting - Networking with other people in your field is great, but it can be harder to find the monetary value in "knowing a lot of people." Connections equal your business earning money, but selling your service might be your main goal. Salesforce featured the top ten tips on how to use LinkedIn to increase sales numbers.
  • LinkedIn Infographic Looks At How Small Businesses Are Using Social Media - To see how other small businesses are using LinkedIn, look at this infographic. From creating a stronger connection with their customers to making their branding stronger, small businesses are using LinkedIn and other social media platforms increasingly each day.
  • Changes Coming to LinkedIn Company Pages - If you are already using LinkedIn and are familiar with their website, you may not have noticed the changes that are coming to LinkedIn. This article shows the changes being made and explains how to utilize these changes effectively.
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