Feed the Ghost


If you want your blog ghostwritten, you need to help the ghost

Web developers, including us at Blue Fire Media, stress the need for fresh copy on your site. You can't just put up a new website then forget about it, or else Google will forget about it - or at least drop your site in its search rankings.

The best way to put fresh copy on your site, and add relevance to keyword searches, is to have a blog. For many business owners, that's easier said than done, for some obvious reasons. You have a business to run. Who has time to write a blog, or the talent?

Some of you, in fact, do have the talent and even enjoy writing blogs. Great! You know your business best and you can share your insights with your own unique voice. A good web developer will help you get started and even have a writer edit your blog, if you want.

But if writing a blog is just not something you do, then you need a ghostwriter to do it for you. Blue Fire Media has a writer on staff (hint, he's the guy writing this blog), and he's familiar with your site. But with any ghost-blogger, you can't just hire him and then forget about him, either. A ghost-blogger is in partnership with you to present your ideas and insights with your perspective and voice. That's pretty hard to do if you don't communicate.

We need ideas

What you need to communicate first are ideas that pertain to your business, your industry, or your place in the community. You don't want your blog to be an in-your-face sales pitch, but it's fine to write about a new product or give added background to a product that's been on the market for a while. You can also suggest writing about a trend in your industry and how it affects your business and your customers. As for your place in the community, let us know how much you enjoyed your involvement in a community event, and we'll write that up in your blog.

Ghost-bloggers don't need a long, involved description of your ideas. Just send a quick email with a brief description of the idea and a couple of links on where the writer can find more information. The writer can take it from there.


If we're writing about one of your products, it's pretty easy to figure out your perspective on it. You think it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. Giving us a line on what makes it so great, however, would be very helpful.

If your idea is about an industry trend, let us know if it's a good or bad trend in relation to your company and the market. We're not looking for an analysis from you, just a point of view.


When a ghost-blogger completes a draft, you will receive a copy for a review. We don't expect a draft to be perfect. What we need from you is feedback on how close to the mark we are. Do we have your perspective right? Are we accurate in our depiction of your product and what it does? Does the blog sound like it was done in your voice?

That last part is not going to happen right away. If most of our blogs for you tend to be more technical, the voice of the piece may not be that noticeable. But if we write about topics where we expect a personality to come through, then matching a voice is important. So we need to know if you're usually all business. Do you prefer showing a sense of humor? Do you like to be a little folksy or are you more formal when dealing with customers.

Understand, we're not asking you to decide on these personality traits. We just need to learn through your feedback over time the style that best represents you.

Tag-team blogging

Even if you hired us to write your blog, if you find you have the time and you feel the urge, just let us know that you want to write the next blog. We'll help you edit it and can still post it on your website. Writing your own blog occasionally can be very helpful for you in understanding the process, and for the ghostwriter in better understanding your priorities and your voice.

And if you enjoyed writing that blog, write more. Just let us know if your business suddenly demands more of your time, and we'll jump back into the ring.

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