Featured Client: Fresh Christmas Wreaths from Premium Christmas Wreaths


With winter coming and department stores undoubtedly already planning their Christmas decorations, we'll soon be fully in the throes of the Christmas spirit. In light of that, we wanted to headline one of our amazing clients: Premium Christmas Wreaths.

Premium Christmas Wreaths is a locally owned business that grows over 100 acres of Christmas trees every year. With over 100,000 trees planted at any given time, they offer an unmatched selection of festive trees, fresh Christmas wreaths and natural ornamentation. Whether you're looking for a massive Douglas fir to adorn your living room or a couple of classic Christmas wreaths to deck your halls, Premium Christmas Wreaths has you covered.

The real convenience is the company's ability to deliver fresh Christmas wreaths and trees directly to your door. If you're located in the continental United States, you're eligible for shipping. No more bundling up, slogging out to the middle of nowhere and arguing with the family over the perfect tree... at Premium Christmas Wreaths, all of their trees are high-quality, perfect trees!

In addition to residential sales, the company also offers no-hassle corporate Christmas gifts. In this day and age, with diets and food allergies chipping away at the acceptability of traditional Christmas gifts like candy and cookies, a natural, decorative wreath is a safe and thoughtful gift that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

At Blue Fire Media, we're happy that we have the opportunity to work with Premium Christmas Wreaths. Helping a local, family-owned business transition their products online and attract customers from all over the country is a fantastic experience. And, frankly, you couldn't find a group of people more driven and enthusiastic about spreading the Christmas spirit. If you've been looking for a natural way to beautify your home this Christmas, or you're searching for the perfect corporate gift for your officemates, hop on over to Premium Christmas Wreaths!

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