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Responsive Design: Why it Matters for Your Website

Responisive Web Design

Responsive design is the new maxim in web design, and for good reason. A website that automatically adjusts and reshapes itself to the size of the device you're using is a valuable asset in an increasingly mobile market that market regularly views the Internet on a smart phone. To be effective in web commerce, your website needs to be as smart as your phone, perhaps smarter.

Web Design Trends for 2015: Responsive, Mobile, Scroll

Web Design Trends

The Internet is alive with predictions for 2015 of expected trends in website design and content practices. While some bloggers have made predictions that are clear outliers, there appears to be solid agreement of some of the developments we'll see in the coming year.

What Does Google Recommend For Mobile Websites?

Google's Recommendations for Responsive Design

I'm sure it is no surprise to you that mobile internet usage has skyrocketed over the last few years. A recent report from Morgan Stanley predicts that mobile internet usage will match that of desktop internet usage in 2014.

Google is keenly aware of this trend. As a result, they have published their recommendations.

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