Search Engine Optimization

To begin with, developing your Website to be search-engine-friendly and easily-updateable for non-technical staff is a very complex task. All of Blue Fire Media's Websites use our own content management system (CMS). Keep in mind that there are plenty of content management systems out there - some really good and some really bad. We believe ours is one of the best.

Content management systems are complex databases designed to give non-technical staff the ability to update Web pages. Getting a database to work kindly with the look and feel (the graphics) of your Website can sometimes be a formidable challenge to the uninitiated. That's where Bluefire steps in to save the day.

Good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has similar issues. Having a site built to be easily-updateable and still be able to handle the changing landscape of search engine marketing is not something for the faint of heart...or should we say an amateur or hobbyist.

The first step in good search engine marketing is a great understanding of your business. Blue Fire Media takes its roll as a Kalamazoo SEO and a Michigan SEO service provider seriously and we take the time to understand your products and services as well as the different market segments that your products serve.

Every Website that Blue Fire deploys is custom built to meet specific standards to ensure that your site is as friendly as possible to the search engines.

Even for Blue Fire's "budget" Websites, our search engine optimization specialists will do the following for each project:

  • We will create a file called a Sitemap and place it on your Website. We then submit that file to Google, Yahoo! and Bing. This ensures that your Website will be crawled properly by the major search engines. This process does not guarantee that your Website will be ranked favorably with the search engines, but it does guarantee that the search engines will index all your Web pages properly in their databases.
  • We will insert the appropriate Page Title on each Web page. For example, if you have a page that describes your Products, we will insert a keyword phrase about that product in the Page Title. Search engines do index the Page Title, and this may help your rankings.
  • We will insert meta tag data on each Web page. This does not insure ranking with the search engines but it does help some the search engines index your Web pages properly.
  • We will construct your Website so that it is compliant with World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards. These are specifications and guidelines that have been developed since 1996 to insure the Web is standardized. Building your project in this manner helps your Website to be search-engine-friendly and guarantees that the search engines do not take any adverse action against your Website.

The above SEO procedures will ensure that your Website is found properly by the major search engines, but does not guarantee decent ranking with the search engines.

If you want to be more successful with search engine optimization, Blue Fire Media can develop a more aggressive approach specifically designed for your budget, your product segments, and market segments.

Generally, Blue Fire Media follows these SEO procedures. Each step in the process can be as aggressive as necessary to satisfy our clients' needs and budget.

  • Identify Your Target Markets. Blue Fire Media takes the time to understand your products and the markets these products serve. We want to know the nuances of your business and which products, services, and markets offer the biggest opportunity for growth. Basically, we identify what is hot and what is not...
  • Identify Competition. Blue Fire Media will study your competitors' Websites to see which ones are ranking above your Website for targeted keywords. This gives Bluefire Media some identifiable goals in your search engine marketing campaign.
  • Identify Keyword Phrases. Once we know what keywords and search engine marketing services the "leader" is using, we can beat them at their own game. We also take the time to do more analysis to determine if there are other words Web users are using to find your products and services that neither you nor your competitors are utilizing.
  • Add Keywords to Content. Bluefire Media will help you develop rich "Information Pages" for your products or services and make sure the necessary keywords are present and accounted for in the content.
  • Check Placement. Now, it's time to check our work. Blue Fire Media will monitor the placement of your critical keyword phrases on the search engine return pages (SERP) to see if our efforts are paying off.
  • Measure. Blue Fire Media then uses powerful software to measure the effectiveness of our search engine marketing efforts. We will report to you as often as necessary so that you can see what the return on investment is from your Web marketing efforts.
  • Repeat. Now it is time to repeat the process. Search engine optimization never takes a break, much like your competitors. It is a constant process of fine-tuning, tweaking, and polishing. It takes time and commitment to be successful, and Bluefire has good, hearty helpings of both.

All this may sound expensive and intimidating, but let us assure you - it is not. We make SEO simple and easy to understand. And in terms of expense, if it is done right, it should pay large dividends in terms of lead generation and sales.

Ready to get started on an awesome new website?