Blue Fire Internship - Graphic Designer

Blue Fire Media offers internships for students and recent graduates seeking to gain more experience in the world of web development and design. We accept applicants based on their desire and attitude and our current needs. Our only requirement is a willingness to learn.


Brief Description

Be part of our team and learn hands on working in a creative studio through the Blue Fire Internship, an intensive six-month program established to grow web developers and graphic designers.

This is a commitment that requires a desire for excellence, motivation and a teachable spirit.

Job Responsibilities

Graphical Designer Applicants must be proficient in Adobe Creative Suite and close to or have completed an associate degree in graphical design or similar related degree before beginning the opportunity.

Responsibilities include building out websites, creating graphical elements, loading page content and making the website look attractive. Attention to detail is critical.

Education requirements, certifications, work experience

Duration: 6 months

This is an intensive commitment and the applicant will be working in a collaborative environment, hands-on-experience and intentional learning directed at these skills:

  • Web Design
  • Digital Design
  • CSS/HTML Web Development
  • Print Design
  • Branding

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