Bridge Street Deli

The design team at Blue Fire Media provided menu and print design for Bridget Street Deli, a shop located in Plainwell, Michigan. We were able to create a great looking menu with colorful pictures and descriptions of the options they offer, making it easy for patrons to make an informed decision about what they want to order. There is also a brief bio about the company on the back of the menu, giving customers more information about the company. When our clients bring us on for a project, we work with them every step of the way to make sure that their final product matches what they are envisioning. Our talented team can even create a logo for your business to help create a highly visible company image that people will recognize upon sight. If you need assistance with designing print materials like flyers, brochures, or menus, contact the team at Blue Fire Media and let us know about the project(s) you have in mind.


Menu Design, Print Design, Web Design

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