Learning Gems

The graphic designers in Kalamazoo at Blue Fire Media provided Learning Gems with a variety of different services to help them reinvent their image and branding. Our graphic designers worked with their team to develop graphics for both their site as well as print materials and marketing materials. Learning Gems has their own teams that work on graphic design, but our team was still able to work together with them to help craft the perfect designs. If your team is frequently getting flooded by work and your business doesn’t have time to work on its own materials, the team at Blue Fire Media can help you too. Our experienced graphic designers have worked with companies in a variety of industries, so you can be sure that we can help you no matter what business you’re in. See some of the work that we did for Learning Gems below, including graphic design for flyers, physical marketing materials, and more.


Logo Design, Business Card Design, Print Design, Marketing Pieces, Banner Design, App Development

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