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Blue Fire Media provided web design in Kalamazoo to Portage Northern Soccer to help them better organize their online resources for players, parents, coaches, and more. The new site combines information for both their boys and girls soccer team, with a full breakdown of their schedule of games for the season, current and past players on the team in the form of a roster, who the current coaches are, as well as links to other important aspects such as boosters, concessions, and more. This allowed them to condense where their information was spread out within their old site and make everything easier to find for those navigating the site. A contact page was included for anyone interested in their children joining a team, sponsors who want to represent the teams, parents that have any questions, and more. Every part of the site was designed to allow those affiliated with, or interested in Portage Norther Soccer to easily find exactly what they need. See the image below to see the design used for the site, and see it yourself by clicking here.


Website Design

Blue Fire Media