Seaben Tree Services

When locals need tree services in Kalamazoo, Blue Fire Media easily recommends Seaben Tree Service to take care of it! We have worked with them in the past to provide them with effective logo design, eye-catching promotional items, and a responsive website that they count on to help their customers find their services more easily. Seaben is a family-owned and operated company that Blue Fire Media was pleased to work with. Their dedication to our Kalamazoo and Portage communities reflects the same dedication that our team has with our services, so we worked with them to continue to help local businesses thrive. Whenever a home needs tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, cleanup, or needs to deal with tree emergencies, you can count on Seaben Tree Service to get it handled. See the logo and promotional materials that we provided to them below. If you want to visit the site that we provided, click here.


Logo Design, Promotional Materials

Blue Fire Media