Rules of Facebook Etiquette for Your Business

Facebook Thumbs

Ok, all the experts told you that to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to be on Facebook. So you put up a personal profile, and then put up a business page.  Now what? Do you just go around posting on other people's pages, as many as you can find, asking them to "Friend" you and "Like" your business page?

Uh, no. That approach would be a sure way to lose whatever real friends you have and get you blocked for spamming.

Facebook has its own set of etiquette rules, particularly for business owners. Facebook users can be very touchy if you break those rules. Ignore proper etiquette and you will quickly earn a bad reputation and see your business suffer. Here are 19 Facebook etiquette rules from @MelonieDodaro from Top Dog Social Media that every business user would be wise to heed.

Facebook Etiquette

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