Hydraulic Vertical Shores

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Hydraulic Vertical Shores is another client that Blue Fire Media had the pleasure of working with to create a responsive web design. Hydraulic Vertical Shores is the leading supplier of aluminum hydraulic shoring systems and are dedicated to providing trench workers with the equipment they need to work more safely. We knew that their team, with their 18 years of experience, deserved a site that best represented what they had to offer, while also providing customers with the information they needed to find the best shoring equipment for their jobsite.  Their designs create lightweight, hardy equipment that is easy to transport to and from a jobsite, while still providing the site with the strong hold it needs to avoid any accidents or injuries. From initial designs to the finalized product, our programmers, graphic artists, and writers worked with the team at Hydraulic Vertical Shores to ensure that the site they got was the site that they needed. Having created two other sites for their team and its sister companies, we at Blue Fire Media knew that they would be a pleasure to work with once again. See a preview of the site we made below, or click here to see the full thing.


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