Kalamazoo Metro Transit

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This website we built for Kalamazoo Metro Transit features responsive website design that is compliant with ADA guidelines of accessibility. This website contains all the relevant information for bus riders, including links to pages with information about Kalamazoo’s bus routes, along with detailed information about the cost of bus fare, and even alerts and announcements regarding any changes in service. This website also has a link to a bus tracking app that allows riders to see how much longer they will have to wait for the next bus on the route. This website also contains information about passes for Kalamazoo Public School students and alternate transportation options for seniors and individuals with special needs. This website is an invaluable resource to anyone who needs to rely on public transportation to get around the city of Kalamazoo and Portage. You can view the website and see the functionality for yourself by clicking this link.


Responsive Website Design, ADA Design

Blue Fire Media