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Leal Organics was a new company in need of website design in Kalamazoo, and Blue Fire Media was the team to help. Our team discussed with Leal what their site would need, what elements could be left open to allow them to add more in the future, which websites would need to be linked to theirs because of affiliations, and more. Then, using this information, our team at Blue Fire Media created a completely unique website that gives them the best platform available to spread information about their cannabis products such as what size containers are available or what strains they currently have available. Our team also included a map that works from a database to show exactly where products of Leal Organics can be purchased by those interested. It is important for a retailer to be able to reach not just customers interested in products, but also wholesale accounts that they can connect with, so Blue Fire Media helped Leal to create both aspects on their site so that both audiences can find what they are looking for when navigating the site. To see the design we made for Lead, view the image below. Or, to visit their site yourself, click here.


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