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The web designers in Kalamazoo at Blue Fire Media provided the premier provider of watermelons, Premier Melon, with a responsive website to suit their needs. Their site was designed to help inform customers about watermelons that they sell, provide information about some of the farms that Premier Melon partners with to provide excellent melons, give recipes and nutrition facts to show why watermelons are a great purchase, and more! Our team was proud to work with a company that is a part of the National Watermelon Promotion Board and National Watermelon Association. Their team’s dedication to their product and dedication to their customers are some of the reasons that we at Blue Fire Media we more than happy to assist them with their web design. When you want a melon marketing organization, we couldn’t recommend one more than Premier Melon. To see the design that we provided to them, see the image below, or visit their site here.


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